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Fatal Femmes: A FringeFeed Review (4.5 stars)

Reviewed by: Fringefeed

Review by Bruce Mutard | 05 February 2022

I was attracted to seeing this purely from the title and theme: Fatal Femmes; a burlesque interpretation of the great femme fatales from cinema history, particularly film noir, a genre I love.

Presented by Scarlet Bell Burlesque and led by the wit and sass of MC Sugar du Joure (who was a raven haired femme fatale waiting for her call to set), this trawl through the dames made larger than life by Rita Hayworth, Barbara Stanwyck, Anne Bancroft and Joan Crawford among many was an utter delight from start to finish.

Elle Entice brought back the 'Maltese Falcon' in Mary Astor's role in slinky 1940s fashion of gloves, hat, slinky gowns and a hint of sparkle. Trixie la Rose channels Peggy Cummins' Annie Starr from the delirious 'Gun Crazy' is on point, down to the beret and beretta. Pixie Lust brings Rita Hayworth's shocking blonde from 'The Lady from Shanghai' into the room and every mirror would've cracked from the heat had there been mirrors! Mistress Mustang channels the vampish Mrs Robinson, whisky in hand and looking for a graduate to seduce. Lacey La Minx brings Barbara Stanwyck's famous housewife with a murderous eye on the insurance money. I loved how Ms La Minx made the hapless audience member sign a contract before the clothes came off - and all to Shirley Bassey. The Scarlet Bell mistress supreme Foxxy Curves takes on the one of the most iconic femmes of all: Rita Hayworth as Gilda, hair flick and all. On top of that, she sings 'Put the Blame on Mame' live! Last but not least Lilah Sin enacts the sad, driven tale of Mildred Pierce, channeling the great Joan Crawford, with maybe a hit of Kate Winslet...

Held on the Crystal Swan, sailing down to Melville Water, it's a wonderful the boat didn't sink from the weight of sin, but gin floats on water so I'm told. It was a fabulous show. Great, and really interesting choices of music, delightful strip tease and a LOT of laughing. If you love film noir, femme fatales and your women gorgeous, you cannot go wrong with this one. Get your tickets now.

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