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Smooth Criminals: Review 2020

FRINGEWORLD 2020 | Smooth Criminals | 3 Stars

January 24, 2020Fourth Wall Media Review | Laura Money They say that crime never pays – but if the price is infamy, badassery, sexiness, heaps of money and making the pages of history, then I’m pretty sure the criminals represented here have had their paycheck come in over and over! Smooth Criminals takes the stories of the world’s most infamous crimes and gives them the burlesque treatment. Think: the Kelly Gang in corsets, cabaret Capone, and Golden G-strings for the Perth Mint Swindle! It’s crime like you’ve never seen it before!

Scarlet bell Burlesque are Perth’s premiere burlesque school – you know how some people join a book club or a knitting circle? Not these sexy ladies! The tenets of the club are confidence, empowerment, and tease, and I’m going to add another one here – inclusivity. The ladies are led by the sexy MC Foxxxy Curves as she takes the lessons out of the classroom and onto the stage in her titillating police uniform. Foxxxy is simply stunning in her outfit – and once you’ve lifted your jaw up from your lap, you realise what a great MC she is, too. The loose storyline of crime as a theme is held together by the sexxxy Curves and she’s quick with a quip and a glint in her eye.

Each criminal or gang showcased is represented by a cute costume and burlesque routine. Considering that Scarlet bell Burlesque are amateurs – some of them completely new to the stage – these ladies rock it! The divine Pixie Lust plays a 2000s hieress in a sketch that is equally funny and hot, Autumn Daze has all the right Charleston moves in her hilarious silent film inspired take on the Eiffel Tower heist, and of course what show on criminals wouldn’t be complete without Al Capone? Trixie La Rose is a force to be reckoned with – I didn’t know sneering could be sexy until seeing this dance! It’s probably the most high-energy part of the night, and utterly terrifying.

Smooth Criminals is a great night out! It’s entertaining and honestly more fun than I initially gave them credit for. These ladies are comfortable in their skin and therein lies their power – confidence is sexy, and nothing could be sexier than a bunch of burlesque performers being a bunch of bad bitches.

WHEN: 18th January – 7th February 2020 | Various times WHERE: Various locations, see website INFO: Pricing $25 – $28 | Duration 50m | Suitability 18+ | Occasional coarse language| Nudity | Depicts Violence, Sexual References, Strobe Lighting, Drug use | CABARET TICKETS:

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